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ICYMI: Maplewood Appoints Acting Chief & Captain in Wake of Placing Top Cops on Leave

This story is reposted from an article published on The Village Green on Tuesday, August 1. That article ran a headline about the actions taken toward Police Chief Robert Cimino and Acting Captain Joshua Cummis. This article focuses on the appointment of Acting Chief Jimmy DeVaul and Acting Captain Albert Sally.

After placing its police chief and a captain on administrative leave on Tuesday night, the Maplewood Township Committee acted in closed session to appoint Acting Captain Jimmy DeVaul as Acting Chief and Lieutenant Albert Sally as Acting Captain, according to Mayor Vic DeLuca. Both appointments are until further notice.

The Maplewood Township Committee called for Police Chief Robert Cimino’s immediate resignation at its meeting on Tuesday, August 1, cast a vote of no confidence in his leadership and placing him on 60-day administrative leave, as protesters filled the court room at the TC’s bi-monthly meeting and took over the nearby National Night Out celebration.

The TC placed Capt. Joshua Cummis on administrative leave for 30 days, through August 31. Cimino and Cummis had their guns and badges taken away on Wednesday, August 2, and are barred from entering the police building during their suspensions.

“We are appalled by the excessive force used by police officers against a group of young people…and we are appalled by decisions made by members of our Police Department,” said Mayor Vic DeLuca on Tuesday night. His comment was echoed by other TC members as they listened to multiple members of the community protest the actions of the Maplewood police on the night of July 5, 2016.

“Tonight the delays stop,” said DeLuca.”For a very long time we’ve had to defer action to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office which took six months” to give their ruling. “Then we had an Internal Affairs department that didn’t seem to prioritize” the investigation.

Citing many emails, phone calls and positions of various community and advocacy organizations, DeLuca said the township was now able to act. We will “right this ship.”

To thunderous applause, DeLuca announced the vote of no confidence in Cimino, immediately followed by a motion to demand his immediate resignation and his being placed on immediate administrative leave with pay.

“Your voices were heard,” said DeLuca.

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