Maplewood Community Board on Police Opens Applications for Community Members

by The Village Green
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From Bailey Barnett, Assistant Maplewood Township Administrator:

The Maplewood Community Board on Police (MCBoP) is seeking two community-at-large members to help improve the relationship between the Maplewood Community and the Maplewood Police Department. Interested individuals can learn more about eligibility, the MCBoP’s function, and Board Member expectations using the following links:

Community Board on Police
Frequently Asked Questions

All applicants must complete and submit the following documentation by no later than 5:00pm on Friday, September 10:

MCBoP Application

NOTE: You are applying as a member of the public, so answer “no” to the question asking if you are applying as one of the charter/working group members.

Confidentiality Agreement

Previous & recent applicants need not apply again; your submissions will be considered


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