SOMA Action Racial Justice Cmte Statement on Violation of Maplewood Leaders’ Property

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From the SOMA Action Racial Justice Committee

The SOMA Action Racial Justice Committee as well as SOMA Action are working with neighbors, like minded organizations and local government to bring about progressive change both locally and in the larger world. We consider ourselves and our collaborators to be part of same community of changemakers. What happens to them has an impact on us as well.

Therefore, we were dismayed and troubled to learn that the properties of ex-Mayor Victor De Luca and [Township Committee] member Greg Lembrich were violated by the placement and creation of and inflammatory lawn signs. Our [Township Committee] members devote themselves to the wellbeing of this community on a voluntary basis. Their collective and individual efforts should be valued and appreciated whether we agree with their stance on issues or not. As such the SOMA Action Racial Justice Committee writes to condemn these acts of vandalism in the strongest possible terms. This infringement of a public servant’s privacy is unacceptable. There is an appropriate time and place to air grievances with TC members and that is in the public forum or face to face.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. De Luca, Mr. Lembrich Mr. Dafis, Ms. Adams and especially Mayor McGehee for all their hard work during this extremely difficult time and with so many critical issues being brought to bear.


Marcia Bloomberg, Member

Lisa Davis, Co-Chair

Mary Forbes, Member

Valyrie Laedlein, Member

Bert Morris, Member

Lisa Novemsky, Member

Alison Oxman, Member

Joel Sunbear, Member

Melody Sunbear, Member

Barbara Velazquez, Co-Chair





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