Donoghue Endorses Davis & Lawson-Muhammad, Adamson for Board of Ed

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Susie Adamson, James Davis II and Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad

Susie Adamson, James Davis II and Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad

To the Editor:

First, I’d like to thank Beth Daugherty for her nine years of dedicated service on the Board of Education. The departure of an experienced leader makes our 2016 election choices all the more important.

It is rare that we find a candidate as well suited and prepared for Board service as Susie Adamson. Susie’s years of service to organizations like the PTA and President’s Council demonstrate how hard working and dedicated she is. She knows the issues inside and out, and she will be able to hit the ground running. Members of the President’s Council I know have attested to how collaborative she is and how tirelessly she works for all students. As a brief example of her commitment – when I have attended Board meetings, Susie has almost always been there – for the duration, not just parts of the meetings. Susie is more than ready to serve our community on the Board.

I’ve met James Davis a number of times, and I’ve been consistently impressed by the thoughtfulness and thoroughness with which he approaches topics of importance to our district. As a successful attorney, James seems very comfortable with understanding and communicating about complex issues of policy and law – this is a perspective which I believe the Board sorely needs. Based on his personal and professional experience, I expect James will be a tireless and tenacious advocate for all students, and will follow through to resolution of important issues, which is something the Board has not always done so well.

Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad is an experienced Board member who has served on several important committees over the last three years. She has served as Board liaison to various community groups, and she understands the perspectives of diverse stakeholders in our district. At this critical juncture for education in our community, we should seek to retain the solid experience, rationality and judgment that Stephanie brings to the Board.

I hope you will join me on November 8 in voting for Susie Adamson, James Davis and Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad.

Mike Donoghue is a former Vice President of the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) and currently is the Chair of SEPAC’s budget committee. The views expressed herein are his own, and do not represent the views of any group or organization.


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