Letter: Adamson will be a True Leader on the Board of Ed

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To the Editor:

Susie Adamson is the perfect Board of Education candidate. She has been working tirelessly in our community for years to improve the educational experience for our district’s children and their families. A seat on the school board would allow her to continue this effort in a significant and substantive way.

During my many years serving as PTA President and President and Executive Board Member of The South Orange Maplewood Presidents’ Council, I have had the opportunity to work and collaborate with Susie extensively. I have watched her spearhead major initiatives with a commitment and passion that always ensured impressive outcomes. I have watched her ask difficult questions of our school district leadership persistently and strategically until answers were provided and results achieved. And I have watched her navigate her way through tedious bureaucracies in an effort to shape new policies and procedures that are accessible and equitable.

Susie is intelligent, driven, persistent, and innovative in her approach. She is serious about enacting positive change, and cognizant of the challenges we face as a school district, she proceeds practically and with care. She is a true leader with a strong collaborative vision, and she always gets results.

I was thrilled to learn of Susie’s candidacy. Her voice is one we truly need on the school board. I will be enthusiastically voting for Susie Adamson this November and urge you to do the same.

Cecelia A. Cancellaro
Maplewood, NJ


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