Letter to the Editor: SOMSD Teacher Endorses Raab, Roberts & Malespina

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To all residents of South Orange and Maplewood:

I strongly encourage you to support the Board of Education slate of Marian Raab, Shannel Roberts and Elissa Malespina. Having taught in the South Orange-Maplewood school district for 24 years, I am very confident that Team SOMA 2015 will work to promote the best educational programs to a diverse group of students. Raab, Roberts and Malespina will also hold administrators and the Board accountable to start making  “common sense” decisions that encompasses what public education stands for.

I also encourage you to visit Team SOMA 2015’s web site or (www.soma2015.com) to learn more about their platform and concerns. I have the utmost confidence in Raab, Roberts and Malespina because they have been active in publicly addressing some major educational concerns at Board of Ed meetings during the last year.

These issues include: hiring of a new superintendent; the district’s failing grade in the state’s Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC); creating an opt-out policy for parents who refuse PARCC testing so their children didn’t “sit and stare” in their classrooms during the exams; and questionable spending decisions — just to name a few.

If you want to see positive and productive changes in our school system, don’t forget that November 3rd is the day to vote for Team SOMA 2015–Raab, Roberts and Malespina!

Peace always,

Anita Mack

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