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Walking the Red Carpet for a Good Cause


When I received an invite to a “Girls Helping Girls Period” Walk the Red Carpet party, I was curious to find out more about this program.  I reached out to Mary Brown, mother of Emily Brown, who is helping out with this project for her Confirmation Project.

I learned that feminine hygiene products are not covered by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), better know as the food stamp program.

Small Acts, a community service program that was started by Emma (15) and Quinn (11) Joy began Girls Helping Girls Period — a campaign to collect feminine hygiene products and cash donations to purchase them — for girls and women in need. Their goal is to give a one-year supply to 100 girls so they “have one less thing to worry about.”

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, mother of another teen who has held her own Girls Helping Girls party has written about the importance of this cause in this NY Times article.

Last night, the girls held an Oscars “Walk to the Red Carpet” event. The price of admission was a feminine hygiene product. When I walked into the party, the foyer was filled with feminine products stacked high! (Click on any photo below to see a slideshow of last night’s event.)

As of now, they have collected over 20,000 tampons and pads and and raised $2,500 on their Girls Helping Girls Period page.

You can help by donating through their Go Fund Me link or by dropping off feminine products at three drop off points, Fringe Salon on Springfield Avenue in Maplewood, 38 Madison Avenue in Maplewood, or 38 Glenside Road in South Orange.

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