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4th Annual SouthNext Fest Brings Community Together for Ideas — and Fun

Mystical dance, inter-generational Jeopardy!, an interactive mural, storytelling lessons, mindfulness over medicine, sports psychology, privacy and technology — plus some music and cocktails.

It was all a part of the 4th Annual SouthNext, a two-day arts, music and ideas festival that explores “our similarities by celebrating our differences.” The event was conceived and directed by South Orange Village Trustee Steve Schnall.

“Each year SouthNEXT brings together local artists, speakers and performers to catalyze the kind of ‘creative collisions’ that spark new ideas and inspire new solutions to some of the most pressing communal challenges of our times,” said Schnall.

Pictured here are speakers and performers for Saturday’s session “Technology in Music Over the Last 50 Years  – Boon or Bane?” featuring Mark Asch, Larry Fast and Ari Finkel. Photos are by Matt Peyton.

Find out more about Saturday’s sessions at SOPAC and Sunday’s sessions at Seton Hall University here and here.

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