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Get Involved! Join Springfield Ave’s New Clean & Safe Committee June 24

The Springfield Avenue Partnership — which manages events, marketing, promotions, beautification, advocacy, landscaping and cleaning services for Maplewood’s 2.5 mile stretch of Springfield Avenue — has a new Clean & Safe Committee.

The committee, chaired by volunteer and resident Ivey Prusinowski, is hosting a kick off event at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 24, to walk and talk about a vision and plan for the committee.  The group will meet at the Indiana Street parking lot. All are invited.

The committee harkens back to the beginnings of the Partnership which was created by a small group of neighborhood citizens in the 1990s to revitalize the shopping corridor in their neighborhood.

The Partnerhsip has since grown to become 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation governed by a board of trustees comprised of business and property owners, local residents and municipal officials. Although the SAP pays for sidewalk cleaning (once a week during spring, summer and fall) and two seasons of plantings (planters and beds) each year, SAP Director Julie Doran said there is plenty of work for the new committee.

“We aren’t really looking for a cleaning crew as much as we are looking for community engagement to generate ideas and loyalty to the commercial district,” said Doran.

According to an email from Prusinowski, “The committee will work to identify areas of opportunity to beautify Springfield Avenue and improve its attractiveness to visitors, shoppers, diners and business owners.”

Prusinowski has a clear interest in the continued improvement of Springfield Avenue. She is a Licensed Psychotherapist whose practice is in the office building near the 76 Gas station, and she lives near Prospect and Hilton across from St. Joe’s Church.

“I know from eight fulfilling years as a therapist that meaningful change is possible,” wrote Prusinowski in an email. “I believe Springfield Avenue Partnership can spur on well-being in our community. In my training as a social worker I learned how important public spaces, safe environments, and belonging in a community can impact our ability to obtain our full potential as individuals.”

The Objective of the Clean and Safe Committee is to: Identify areas of opportunity and strategies to engage interest in community members to help support:

1.) Clean attractive environment to attract business activity and

2.)  Safe area to promote public well-being.

From Prusinowski:

Please join me in a Clean and Safe Kick off event.

WHO: All are welcome ~ especially our Neighbors:

  • Citizens interested in meeting more neighbors.
  • Citizens interested in a day of volunteering.
  • Business owners interested in attractive settings.
  • Please invite as many neighbors and friends as possible.
  • Forward this email or use our event as an excuse to say “hi” to any new neighbors.

WHAT: Volunteer and convene with like-minded neighbors.  Share our observations of the attractiveness of Springfield ave. Beatify our Avenue and connect with our neighbors in our joint interest of a vital, clean and safe Springfield Ave commercial district.

WHEN: Sat June 24 9:00-11:00

WHERE: Indiana St. Parking lot – we will work our way EAST

HOW: Identify any areas that need TLC such as:

  • piles of gravel from the snowplows,
  • litter & rubbish
  • dead plants and weeds
  • rust stains

WE will provide:

  • Garbage Bags
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Coffee and Donuts

Looking forward to meeting you in person then!

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