Hilton Neighborhood Association Thanks Local Maplewood Businesses

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The following is from The Hilton Neighborhood Association


For the past three years Maplewood’s Hilton Neighborhood Association has had the goal of beautifying the area bordering the Prospect Street parking lot located at the corner of Hilton Avenue (across from St. Joseph’s Church). The HNA’s purpose was to discourage littering and to make this very busy area more attractive for pedestrians.  Since the spring, the site has been filled with colorful perennial and annual plants. As Thanksgiving approaches, a glorious rose bush continues to bloom.

The HNA thanks the following merchants for their generous support of this project:

CSX Fitness, 1933 Springfield Avenue

DiPietro Foods, 1701 Springfield Avenue

J&N Enterprises Meineke, 1796 Springfield Avenue

Park Wood Diner, 1958 Springfield Avenue

ZO Landscaping, 17 Newark Way

And the Springfield Avenue Partnership

We hope that residents will show their appreciation by patronizing these local merchants.

For further information about the Hilton Neighborhood Association, please contact cabms@aol.com or 973-761-4672.

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