DeLuca: Everything You Need to Know About Voting in the July 7 Primary

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From Maplewood TC member Vic DeLuca (note: DeLuca is on the ballot for re-election; he is running with Deputy Mayor Dean Dafis; they are unopposed in the primary):

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, July 7th. It will be a vote by mail election. Ballots will be mailed this week to active Democratic & Republican registered and active voters. The Maplewood Dem ballot is below.

For unaffiliated voters or inactive Dem & Rep voters (not voting in any of the past 5 elections), you will be sent a vote by mail application. You’ll have to send in the application to receive a mail-in ballot.

See the video of the Essex County Clerk on the vote by mail procedure.

In addition to vote by mail, there will be two in person voting sites in Maplewood – The Woodland & the Community Center in DeHart Park. Information on in-person voting will soon be available from the Township.

Kudos to Governor Phil Murphy for making the election process available to all without risking our health. No Wisconsin or Georgia voting fiasco here.

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