Maplewood Mayor: COVID Cases Reach Highest Level in 21 Months

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From Mayor Frank McGehee, Facebook, December 29:

Good Morning Maplewood,

Over the last month, our positive case numbers in Maplewood are as high as they have ever been in the last 21 months. For the month of December 2021 through the 27th, we are at 904 cases, which is slightly over 32 cases per day.

I know we are all experiencing COVID fatigue. Navigating the ebbs and flows of the pandemic is hard and has taken its toll on all of us, but let’s continue to stay strong while extending grace. Please check in on your family, friends and neighbors often and let’s continue to be there for each other especially our most vulnerable.

To help fight this current wave of the pandemic, per our Department of Public Health, again here are some important action items to help mitigate the spread.

  1. Wear your mask (preferably N95 or N94) in all indoor public settings or large gatherings except while eating and drinking.
  2. Go get your booster shot if you are 16+ years old. Again, visit our COVID-19 Township portal for vaccination and testing locations. And if you haven’t already, go get vaccinated today!!!
  3. Please limit large gatherings this weekend and if you do attend any indoor gathering, please get a COVID test beforehand. After the event, monitor yourself for symptoms for the next several days. If you are unable to get a COVID test beforehand then please reconsider your plans and gather with your loved ones virtually.
  4. If you are experiencing symptoms typically associated with the common cold or flu, please stay home.
  5. Finally, wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer if hand washing is not immediately available.

Mayor Frank


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