In Memoriam: South Orange & Maplewood Neighbors We Lost in 2016

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Many have expressed their willingness to be done with 2016, which has taken — it feels — an inordinate amount of loved ones from us, whether famous or not.
In Maplewood and South Orange, we lost far too many far too early in life. And those who lived to ripe years will be just as sorely missed.Below are the obituaries run by Village Green in 2016. Please contact us at if we are missing anyone.

Late additions:

Edward Hoffner, 94, Formerly of South Orange

Chris Amundsen, Owner of KoKoRo in Maplewood

Donald Smith, 70, Formerly of Maplewood

Bea Locke-Finkel, 63, Longtime Maplewood Resident (no obituary as yet)

Steve Landress, 1947-2016, husband to Deanne Wilson Landress (no obituary as yet)


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