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LETTER: Sheena Collum Stands Up for LGBT Community

To the Editor,

I am writing to encourage residents of South Orange to re-elect Sheena Collum on May 14 for Village President. I have known Sheena for a couple years now personally as well as in her capacity as Village President and she has stood by me in times of extreme difficulty. More than that, she has stood up for trans and gender non-conforming rights with unwavering strength. Bringing equality to our town for the LGBT community strengthens all residents including myself.

Additionally, when there have been town issues or emergencies, she has been forthcoming on what is happening and how it is being dealt with so that we, the residents, are aware of what is going on and when anticipated fixes will be done.

I encourage my neighbors to visit her website at SheenaCollum.com and join me in support her on May 14th.


Cecilia Cranko, South Orange

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