Maplewood Police and Fire

Police: Two Unlocked Cars — One Left Running — Stolen in Maplewood

Two unlocked vehicles — one left running — were stolen from Maplewood homes last week. Here is the full blotter from the Maplewood Police Department:

March 25, 2019, Theft from Vehicle; At approximately 4AM an unsecured vehicle on Clinton Ave had two jackets removed from it.

March 29, 2019; Package Theft; During the daytime hours a package was removed from the front of a home on Taranto Court.

April 3, 2019; Motor Vehicle Theft; At approximately 6:15 AM a vehicle left running  and unsecured was stolen from in front of a home on Franklin Ave.

April 3, 2019; Motor Vehicle Theft; During the overnight hours a vehicle left unsecured was stolen from Vermont St.

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