South Orange-Maplewood School District Releases Architect’s Report on Its Facilities

by The Village Green
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SOMSD School Facilities Architect Full Report:

Hello SOMSD Community,

The District commissioned our architect firm, Spiezle, as a third-party vendor to inspect ventilation units in all of our schools and also invited staff on these building visits to ensure everyone is aware of the work that was completed and the remaining areas that work still need to be completed.  Since the inspection, the District continued to perform maintenance on all HVAC units; therefore the status of work reported in the attached report does not reflect the work that has been completed since the time of inspection.

The District communication shared with the SOMSD community on Mon. 1/18 [], slides 20 – 21 provided high-level data from the inspection of our architect firm regarding the facilities upgrades work performed at our District schools.  As a follow-up and as shared with the public, a full detailed assessment report would follow, please click here to access the report.

South Orange & Maplewood School District

Download (PDF, 3.51MB)

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