The Columbian: An Increase In South Orange-Maplewood Dog Adoptions During Quarantine

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With all schools in New Jersey in distance learning mode, the dedicated staff of Columbia High School’s award-winning student newspaper, The Columbian, proudly present their third on-line edition at The following In Depth column “An Increase In Dog Adoptions During Quarantine ” by Paige Fannernon, Incoming News Editor of the Columbian, Class of 2021, was originally published by The Columbian on June 17, 2020. With permission from CHS administration and staff at the newspaper, Village Green will be posting more content from the current issue of The Columbian in the coming days and weeks.

Over the past months, dog foster rates have gone up immensely due to the quarantine, leaving many animal shelters empty for the first time in years. According to Petpoint, an animal adoption software, the amount of dogs going into shelters is down by 44% and the amount of dogs that are entering foster care is up by 29%. Since many people are stuck at home and consequently have more time on their hands, some have decided to invest that time in a new family puppy. Maplewood-South Orange (MAPSO) residents have joined in on this trend, and plenty have welcomed new furry friends into their families.

Meet Tonks, a 13-week-old Pug. He belongs to the Lituchy family and was adopted from an Amish family in Ohio. Because of quarantine, the Lituchy family is able to take the time to train Tonks. Melinda Lituchy, ‘21, said, “He is so cute and always puts a smile on all our faces, so we can’t complain. We are big dog lovers, so he has brought so much joy into our lives.”

Meet Nessie, a 3-month-old standard poodle. She belongs to the Lawall family and was adopted from a breeder in W. Va. Daniel Lawall, ‘18, said, “She has brought the family closer together because we all spend more time together now.”

Meet Jorja, a 19-week-old miniature pinscher and hound mix. She belongs to the Kisch family and was adopted from Double Dog Rescue in Conn. Mila Kisch, ‘22, said, “It impacts my schedule for the day and how much time I can spend doing what I want but it’s honestly so worth it.”

Meet Gus; he is 3.5 months old and is a mix of a Bernese mountain dog and a mini poodle. He belongs to the Leiber family and was adopted from a website called Greenfield Puppies and picked up from an Amish breeder in Ohio. Nicole Leiber, ‘21, said, “He has filled our home with so much warmth and hope. Whenever I get upset or stressed, or most commonly, bored, I just go to Gus.”

Meet Skat; he is about 17 weeks old and is a mix between a lab and a Great Pyrenee. He belongs to the Ethan family. Julia Ethan,‘20, said, “Since he’s a puppy we basically have to watch him 24/7 but it’s been super fun and exciting.”

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