Realtor Victoria Carter Outlines Five Reasons to Move to Verona, NJ

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From The Victoria Carter Group:

[image credit] Natl1, Wikimedia Commons, Verona Park

If beautiful parks and recreation, excellent public schools and old-world charm sound appealing, Verona, NJ, may just be the town for you. Surrounded by unique landmarks like historic White Rock and nature preserves, this charming town is the best of what life in northern New Jersey can offer.

If you’re thinking about a move to northern New Jersey, here are 5 reasons to move to Verona, NJ:

1. Verona prepares students for college success

With six public schools and approximately 2,200 students, Verona is an excellent place for families looking to secure a great education for their children. According to, Verona ranks 9/10 for College Readiness. One little known fact, Verona High School allows students to receive college-level instruction at a reduced rate. High schoolers can take courses from institutions like Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Seton Hall University and Syracuse University.

2. Verona has a vibrant community life

Verona has a bustling downtown, where residents can find cultural diversity and history. The Verona Public Works Department installed various commemorative street signs inspired by Verona Heroes, a project that chronicles residents who participated in America’s major conflicts from the Civil War to the Vietnam War. Running since 1947, Verona Inn is another historically significant spot. The family-friendly restaurant and tavern has served presidential candidates, governors, members of Congress, athletes and other celebrities. Kip’s Castle, a 9,000-square-foot mansion modeled after a Norman castle, also resides in Verona. 

3. Verona is a great commuter hub

Situated between West Orange and Montclair, Verona is approximately 20 miles from New York City. Commuters can hop the DeCamp Bus, a transportation service dedicated to serving the northern New Jersey area. Route #33, for example, runs from Lakeside Avenue to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. NJ Transit also runs trains to New York from multiple stations in neighboring Montclair.

4. Verona has many popular eateries

Verona provides many unique eating experiences. Bagelwich Bagel Bakery delights customers with rainbow bagels, while Famous Ray’s Pizza of New York serves giant slices of pizza. Residents can grab a Hippocinno and avocado toast at Blue Hippo Coffee Co.—voted the best breakfast/brunch in Essex County, NJ. They can also find homemade ice cream at The Towne Scoop, an old-fashioned parlor with scoopers in white shirts and black bowties.

5. Verona offers plenty of community events  

Verona is surrounded by the First and Second Watchung Mountains as well as the Hilltop Reservation and Eagle Rock Reservation. Residents can enjoy various family-friendly activities in Verona Park like swan paddle boats, bocce ball and a summer concert series. Verona Park also houses one of the biggest playgrounds in Essex County. In addition, the town organizes several seasonal community gatherings. Residents can explore the world of sustainability with the Green Fair, celebrate music during the Festival of Bands and attend the annual tree lighting at the Fair in the Square.

Interested in learning more about Verona, New Jersey? I would love to assist you. My team offers a town tour service which includes an introduction to the town as well as homes currently on the market. Contact Victoria Carter at (973) 220-3050 or email





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