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CHS Fencing Season Off to Great Start at Freshman-Sophomore Invitational

From Columbia High School: 

Sophomore Louisa Maynard-Parisi, Sophomore Sasha Sinkler, and Freshman Gaby Felix.

The much-anticipated 2018 Freshman-Sophomore Fencing Invitational was held over the holiday break, where this year’s Columbia High School fencing team walked away with 21 medals, the most the team has ever won! Columbia High School’s girls and boys fencing teams competed, as did Morris Knolls HS, Morris Hills HS, Livingston HS, West Morris Central HS and many others.

Columbia’s 31 Freshman and Sophomore student fencers competed in all three weapons categories — epee, foil and saber. Most of them were competing for the first time with opponent players. The team fearlessly won 21 of the 31 medals: 7 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze. Below is the breakdown in each category:

Freshman Women’s Epee:

1 Hill, Phoebe COLUMBIA

2 McLouglin, Constance COLUMBIA

3T Rhody, Evalyn COLUMBIA

5 Wiggins, Devin COLUMBIA

6 Agnant, Tessia COLUMBIA

Freshman Women’s Foil:

1 Sinkler, Maia COLUMBIA

6 Spangler, Kate COLUMBIA

Freshman Women’s Saber:

1 Cervi, Ella COLUMBIA

3T Felix, Gabrielle COLUMBIA

Freshman Men’s Epee:

3T Haley, Aiden COLUMBIA

Freshman Men’s Foil:

1 Arana, Massimo COLUMBIA

3T Elias, Stephen COLUMBIA

Sophomore Women’ s Epee:

5 Wisniewski, Allison COLUMBIA

7 Brash, Olivia COLUMBIA

8 Greenstein, Maya COLUMBIA

Sophomore Women’s Foil:

1 Clarke, Vivienne COLUMBIA

3T Chin, Madison COLUMBIA

Sophomore Women’s Saber:

1 Hammarberg, Shaine COLUMBIA

2 Skagerlind, Len COLUMBIA

Sophomore Men’s Foil:

3T Karp-Foster, Holden COLUMBIA

Sophomore Men’s Saber:

1 Fisk, Ethan COLUMBIA

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