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NJ Strays in Maplewood — Because Pets Need Heroes, Too

If you’ve ever had a pet, you understand how quickly they become part of the family. You might even know how heartbreaking it can be when that pet is lost, or when your circumstances change and you struggle to keep that pet with your family. NJ Strays is here to help.

NJ Strays is an organization based in Maplewood working to decrease animal euthanasia, founded by Adriana Bradley in 2012. They operate in Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Union, Morris, Warren and Sussex counties. It’s easy to find them on Facebook and Instagram. They speak English and Spanish. They even have a YouTube presence with helpful videos.

And their statistics are impressive. In 2018, they found on average 111 lost pets each month, helped 23 families in need of assistance to keep their pets, and relocated 99 stray cats.

NJ Strays has an impressive social media presence, with pages for every county. These pages are staffed by volunteers who work tirelessly to find lost pets and match them with their families. They provide low cost or free microchipping clinics. And because many lost pets don’t behave as expected, NJ Strays even offers search and recovery services to help find a missing and frightened pet.

Some families may feel they need to surrender beloved pets to a shelter. NJ Strays is there to help in this case, too.

“We provide veterinary care, pet food, spay and neuter services, and can arrange for a temporary boarding situation,” says Jackie Roman, Communications Director of NJ Strays. “We are here to help owners going through a difficult time. We offer a good alternative [to surrendering your pet to a shelter]. We make sure your pets are taken care of, and give people time to take care of themselves.”

Recently, a pet owner with a bonded cat and dog became ill and unable to care for them. The owner was distraught because in most cases, the cat and dog would have been separated, and likely euthanized in a shelter before the owner was well enough to care for them again. NJ Strays found the perfect family to foster this pair, and now the pets and owner have been reunited.

NJ Strays also tackles the difficult issue of stray and feral cats. These cats can be difficult to find homes for, but will have shortened lives on the street. NJ Strays’ barn and outdoor cat relocation project is the perfect solution. NJ Strays traps feral cats, gets them veterinary care, including spay and neutering services, and rehomes them in barns and warehouses. Many farmers and warehouse owners have vermin problems. The cats provide the perfect solution and get a place to live in return.

If you haven’t done your good deed for today, or want to find the perfect gift for your animal-loving friend, you can sponsor a microchip for $10, rehome a feral cat to a barn for $50, raise your hand to foster an animal, or just donate to NJ Strays.

And if you need to restore your faith in humankind, check them out on social media. It’s nice to know you are just a few keystrokes from a story with a happy ending.

NJ Strays
2202 Millburn Ave.
Maplewood, NJ 07040

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