Board of Ed Candidates Respond to Special Ed Parent Advisory Committee Questions

The annual Special Education Parent Advisory Committee {SEPAC) Candidate Statements on Special Education is out, with six candidates responding.

The questions that candidates responded to are:

1. What would you like SEPAC members to know about your experience and priorities regarding special education?

2. If you are elected, how do you see yourself working with the new Executive Director of Special Services and Youth Development and the Interim Superintendent to ensure compliance with and accountability for implementing special education policy?

Elizabeth Baker, Robin Johnson Baker, Shannon Cuttle, Anthony Mazzocchi, Sheila Shidnia and Donna Smith responded to the questions.  See their replies below.

Representatives of SEPAC said that the original request was sent September 7 with a reply requested by October 9.

Walter Fields, campaign manager for Felisha George and Avery Julien, said the candidates chose not to respond to the questionnaire since their campaign “has been focused on planning opportunities to engage voters directly. While the traditional practice of attending forums and issuing statements is helpful,” the campaign is using the launch of its  website and Facebook page “to speak to voters. We support the goals of SEPAC and believe the district must meet and exceed the legal requirements to serve our special needs student population.”

Download (PDF, 470KB)

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