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Obituary: David Levin, Columbia HS Grad and Triple Crown Balloonist

David Levin, 68, passed away on May 13th, 2017. Born in 1948 in Newark, Levin grew up in South Orange, according to an obituary in The New York Times. While a student at Columbia High School, he took flying lessons, which began a long career of ballooning that led to him receiving the title of “Only Triple Crown Balloonist.”

While studying law at Boston University, Levin experienced his first hot-air ballon ride, according to The Times. In 2000, winning the National Gas Balloon Championship with his brother, Levin travelled 1,998 miles by hot air balloon. Balloons also carried him to Poland, Belarus, Austria, and Germany, finally bringing him to the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado where he opened The Balloon Ranch.

Levin is survived by his wife, Roberta Siegal, children, Matthew and Rebecca Levin, and sister, Susan Levin.

Read more about David Levin and his balloons in The New York Times.

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