Former Superintendent Osborne Featured in WSJ Story

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Former South Orange-Maplewood Superintendent of Schools Brian Osborne is featured in a July 20 Wall Street Journal story documenting how the salary cap in New Jersey is costing the state top education administration talent.

Osborne announced this spring that he was leaving South Orange-Maplewood School District for a job in New Rochelle, NY. Osborne was facing a pay cut this summer as his former contract expired and a cap on superintendent salaries instituted by the Christie administration would be imposed on a new contract.

Osborne told WSJ that he had trouble sleeping nights as he considered taking the job in New Rochelle; Osborne said he was torn by the desire to see initiatives through in South Orange-Maplewood.

The WSJ cites a recent survey by the New Jersey School Boards Association finding that 219 out of 561 New Jersey school districts had have superintendent turnover —”sometimes more than once” — since the cap took effect.

Read the full WSJ story here.

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