SOMA Women in Business — Vicki Popp-Jimenez, Vicki Popp Salon

Last fall, Matters Magazine cel­ebrated women in the South Orange-Maplewood business community with a feature spread on “Women in Business.” These women represent a range of  professions – from architecture and beauty to speech pathology and financial services. In all, 26 women-owned businesses are profiled. See the original Matters Magazine feature here.

Village Green has partnered with Matters Magazine to give these local women entrepreneurs a digital platform and is posting each profile individually on our website during the month of March — Women’s History Month. Today, we celebrate:

Vicki Popp-Jimenez, Vicki Popp Salon

Vicki Popp-Jimenez, Vicki Popp Salon. Photo credit: Timothy K. Connolly.

Why I started my business
I wanted to create a healthy environment for my employees to learn to work together as a team, helping and taking care of each other so they could balance a career and family while benefiting from a flexible work schedule.

Why I do what I do
I enjoy making people feel better about themselves. Hair is often an extension of who you are so when your hair looks great you feel great.

My tools of the trade
My ears! I listen to people so I can understand how they feel about themselves and help them feel safe in the chair. This way I can help them express who they are through their hair.


456 Springfield Avenue, Summit

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