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Sign Up/Drop Off Your Early Bird Maplewood Pool Registration This Weekend!

From the Maplewood Recreation Department:

Maplewood Community Pool. Photo by Jamie Bloom Meier, Live Love Lens Photography

Hello Neighbors: The 2019 Maplewood Community Pool season will be filled with fun programming for residents of all ages, along with a little piece of sun and solace right here in Maplewood.mIf you  haven’t signed up yet, this is your friendly reminder.


We are down to THREE days of Early Bird pricing for the 2019 Maplewood Community Pool season (Final day is Monday, April 1).

A few things:

  • We ARE open Monday from 9am to 4:30pm
  • You are welcome to register online:
  • If you would like to pay with a check to avoid a credit card processing fee, we have drop boxes at our front and rear doors at Town Hall (see photo below!).  Please use an envelope indicating Recreation Department. Weekend drops will be honored Early Bird pricing. If you drop in the box, we will need to follow up pre-season for a waiver signature from your family.


Please remember we have a Pool Pal Fund, which was created in 2010 by Maplewood residents Carol and Victor Gallo as a way to offer assistance to our neighbors who may not otherwise  be able to enjoy the pool season.  Pool Pal, and generous donations, assisted 11 families last year and we hope to exceed that number this season thanks to your kindness.

To donate:

Thank you!

Maplewood Recreation Department

Photo by Missi Mancuso

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