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On Friday, October 4, 2019, Village Green migrated to a new subscription paywall provider. Over the course of our nearly 5-1/2 years of existence, our paywall has grown to bring us more than 25% of our revenue. With the vagaries of digital advertising and the revenue challenges facing journalism, this is an important and growing pillar of our business plan. Our paywall is necessary in supporting Village Green and our mission to provide local journalism to Maplewood and South Orange.

If you a new subscriber, click Here to gain access to all of Village Green’s content. 

If you are an existing subscriber, your account should have migrated but there are some steps you will need to take to gain access:

Reset your password

Click this link , enter your email address (use the same one), and then click send me reset instructions. To ensure the reset process is secure:

  • Password reset links automatically expire after 48 hours.
  • Password reset links can only be used once. If you click the link, and reset your password, the link becomes invalid.
  • If the link becomes invalid, delete the old reset email and start with a fresh password reset.

Update your payment information

For security reasons, we could not carry over your payment information to the new software.

After resetting your password, click this link

Sign in, and then click ‘add a credit card’ at the bottom.

Sign in

If you have not yet been signed in, click this link.



My subscription was still active from the old paywall. What will happen?

Auto-renew has been turned off for all accounts on the old subscription software.  Your subscription has been migrated to the new software and will continue to run until your subscription expiration date.  Upon entering your payment information into the new software, auto-renew will be re-enabled.

Can I update my email address and other information?

Yes. Log in to your account to make these changes.

Can I change plans?

Yes. Click Change plan from the Subscriptions tab in your account. You’ll be switched to the new plan immediately and charged a prorated amount.

Can I gift a subscription?

Yes. It’s easy to gift a subscription. Click one of these links:$45 for One Year, $15 for Three Months, $5 for One Month

You will be prompted to enter the gift recipient’s name and email address, the delivery date, a personalized message, and your payment information. The gift recipient will receive an email with a link to activate their gift. If a physical address is required, the gift recipient will have the opportunity to enter it when they activate the gift.

Keep in mind that you’re purchasing a one-time gift for the selected term (e.g. month or year). The gift recipient will be responsible for adding a payment method before the next renewal period if they’d like to continue with the subscription.

Why can’t I log in?

Check your browser’s security settings. Our membership software won’t work if you’ve disabled 3rd-party cookies. Either change your settings or use another browser.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your account and toggle auto-renew off from the Subscriptions tab.